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The Musical Garden program is dedicated to providing quality education experiences for young children.

Our sessions run from 15 minutes (for the youngest children) - 45 minutes covering all of the below segments


A fun and engaging way to begin the session


Use of instruments or kitchen utensils helps build rhythmic and musical awareness through kinesthetic learning

A chance to expend some energy, build our strength, co-ordination and gross motor skills



Learn about music notes, rhythms, dynamics, solfa, hand signs, clefs and instruments


time to wind down and relax at the end of a busy music session

Sing. Dance. Learn.

Early Childhood Settings

The Musical Garden can visit your Early Childhood Centre, Kindergarten, Playgroup or School for daily or weekly sessions. We also offer one off classes and are happy to travel if suitable. We come to you with our trolley of music goodies, music player and a smile! Prices start from $80 inc GST per session.

Child & Parent/Carer

















We are so excited to offer The Musical Garden for Parents, Carers and Children to enjoy together! 

Sing, dance, use instruments, learn about music theory concepts, work together with others as you pull the stretchy lycra and wave the colourful scarves. Lots of hands on activities, engaging songs and opportunities to bond.

Classes run for 30 - 40 mins based on the needs of your group. This sessions is popular with Play group and Parent groups.


Book in weekly, fortnightly or a one off session. Prices from $100 + GST

We run multi age classes from 6 months to 6 years! Learn in a 'family grouping' style where children of differing ages and ability come together to share in a mutual interest. We cater for the developmental needs of all children: we encourage all children to work at their own pace and extend those ready for more! Parents and Carers support the children in their participation and learning, playing an active role in the class, enjoy shaking instruments, dancing and more!


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