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The Musical Garden is a music education program. We fill music sessions with fun engaging activities designed to teach children the fundamentals of music!

Why music is so important in children's development

Researchers have found a correlation between three or more years of instrumental music training and enhanced auditory discrimination, fine motor skills, vocabulary, and nonverbal reasoning.

With The Musical Garden program

Children are kept active and engaged as they:

  • Dance and sing to familiar/original songs and nursery rhymes.

  • Use percussion instruments to make music and develop listening skills.

  • Interact with other children to assist in developing friendships and awareness of others.

  • Use the Kodaly and Curwen methods to learn music rhythms and hand signs.

  • Use Key Word Sign to enhance communication.

  • Recognise a variety of music symbols and terms.

  • Participate in experiences that allow individual growth and development.




 Children in early childhood all benefit from The Musical Garden program from infants to Kinder children. Primary school aged children also love the original songs and learning concepts.




What we offer

We strongly believe in the benefit of early exposure to music and the significant benefits to the developing child.


Which is why we offer a variety of delivery methods that are designed to engage and motivate children to be active participants in every music class!


Liz, a mother of 4 daughters began the program when she found a lack of quality, education based music programs for her own young children. Her children we're excited to sing and explore music concepts and quickly benefited from carefully developed classes. Liz has a Bachelor in Early Childhood Teaching as well as works as a Kinder Teacher in the Geelong region. She enjoys balancing her time as a Mum, Kinder Teacher and Music Teacher.


Liz incorporated fun games and activities to teach foundation music theory, sign language and more. It wasn't long before Liz planned formal classes and began teaching small group music sessions for young children, this was a great success and before long Liz was teaching in Childcare Centers in larger groups and parent and child classes. The program has run in many Childcare facilities in Geelong, Lara and Werribee for 10 years.


For the last 6 years the program has run daily at One World for Children, a childcare Centre and registered training office in Geelong. The program has seen many children enjoy consecutive years of music education in a supported environment.


The growth, development and positive outcomes are varied and in abundance: social, emotional, physical, cultural and intellectual aspects are all covered in the program. The program also links to the EYLF and covers all outcomes through the variety of activities and experiences.

Liz, Director

Meet Liz

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