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Starting Monday 13th April 2020

New content each week

Receive an exciting and educational new lesson every week

Weekly Payments

Hassle free payment system with direct debts each week

Fits to your schedule 

Being online you can access the content when it fits your schedule

What we do

We took our regular program and made it into an online format, so your child can join from anywhere!


Singing, dancing, music theory, sign language, 

hand signs and more.

Learn all the foundations of:

Music notes



Dynamics & Tempo

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How does it work?

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Simply select a 5 week, 10 week or 20 week subscription below to sign up for weekly classes.


 The program is delivered through a 20 minute YouTube video and can be watched on your computer, laptop, tablet, smart TV and phone on the go. 


We will send you a link each week to our unlisted videos on YouTube

Have more than one child?

The price is for your household, no need to pay for each individual child in your home!


 The program is suitable for all young children as well as children with special needs and abilities, you can adapt the program to suit your needs or contact us to discuss ways we can assist.

All children benefit from parent or carer interaction and you can participate with your child or let them watch and join in the songs and activities in their own way.  



Babies will enjoy the music, instruments, stories and visual aspects of the activities. Your involvement as you dance together, assist with shaking instruments and engage with each other will help bring the program to life.

If you have any questions or want more information please, contact us or check out the FAQs.


Otherwise select a package below, create a login, wait for the page to refresh and purchase your plan to get started!

The Musical Garden Online Classes start Monday 13th April 2020, one video per week from this date for the number of weeks you choose below.

  • 5 Week Package

    Every week
    5 weekly online music classes
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • 5 Music Classes
    • Delivered Online via YouTube
    • $20 per week for 5 consecutive weeks
  • Best Value

    20 Week Package

    Every week
    20 weekly online music classes
    Valid for 20 weeks
    • 20 Music Classes
    • Delivered Online via YouTube
    • $10 per week for 20 consecutive weeks
  • 10 Week Package

    Every week
    10 weekly online music classes
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • 10 Music Classes
    • Delivered Online via YouTube
    • $15 per week for 10 consecutive weeks

How each age group can interact:

We love that the program is suitable for children of all ages and that they will learn and take on information at different rates depending on their developmental stage. This program has been taught to families with children of differing ages in the one group for 10 years as well as in a childcare that specifically runs 'family grouping' - rooms with children of differing ages and development, for the last 5 years. It is a wonderful way to encourage children of all ages to reach their full potential.


If there is an activity your child can't fully participate in they will still learn while watching or trying to join in! We always look to engage the oldest child in the group so that all children are able to try and learn something new. It takes time to learn a new skill and children learn in a variety of ways: some observe, some jump straight in, some try and give up but try again and others seem to master things very quickly. We have specifically included repetition in the program as this is the most successful learning process for children. What may seem tedious to us as adults helps start a circuit of observation, learning, growth, confidence and achievement in children.


Before too long the whole household will be enjoying the benefits of learning with The Musical Garden.